Perumahan Lebak Bulus Indah
Block I no. 23
Jl. Pertanian Raya
Jakarta 12440

t. +62 856 887 3015

Indonesia based visual artist Hilarius Jason Pratana straddles the line between art and photography. Born and raised in Indonesia, Jason as he’d like to be called, attended The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia majoring in Communication Design. After one and a half years, at the tender age of 22, he decided to quit his tenure and returned home to focus on his photography work.

Paintings and sounds are some of the prevalent subject throughout his work. A general sense of playfulness combined with heavy emotions exists thoroughly throughout. New sequences are constantly being explored which then reveal the relationship between motion, sound and object as a whole.

When it comes to conceptualizing things, Jason personally loves the juxtaposition between emotions; happy and sad, fear and joy, surprise and disgust – basically things that were not meant to go together. It helps him put things to perspective. It gives the impression of imperfections which in real life can turn out to be just another reality.

From here on out Jason aims to thoroughly applies more emotional experiment adding historical elements and satirical wit in order to define his ongoing interrogation of the real and the unimaginable.


Forewords by Kania Pasaman